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Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads - 36 PadsLansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads - 36 Pads
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Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads - 36 Pads

  • : Lansinoh
  • : 044677202602

Quick Overview

Pads maintain form and smooth shape even with the heaviest flow so you can get all of the protection and none of the bulk.

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Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads

You’re a proud breastfeeding mom, but you don’t always want it to show! Our #1 selling Disposable Nursing Pads provide discreet, comfortable protection to stay dry day or night. They have a special absorbent polymer and stay-dry honeycomb lining to draw milk away and into the core of the pad, keeping the skin and clothing dry. Pads maintain form and smooth shape even with the heaviest flow so you can get all of the protection and none of the bulk.

Product Features

  •  - Provides all of the protection, none of the bulk
  •  - Unique, breathable layer locks in moisture and keeps clothing protected
  •  - Maintains form and smooth shape even with the heaviest flow
  •  - Quilted honeycomb lining provides leak proof coverage
  •  - Two adhesive strips keep pad in place
  •  - Ultra-thin for natural, discreet fit
  •  - Individually wrapped to take with you on-the-go
  •  - Available in 36, 60 and 100 count

Product Details

  •  - Unit Dimension 36 count: L 5.5 x W 3.5 x H 5.25
  •  - Unit Dimension 60 count: L 5.5 x W 4.0 x H 7.75
  •  - Unit Dimension 100 count: L 9.13 x W 5.51 x H 5.31

Baby's benefit from breastfeeding

Early breast milk is liquid gold – Known as liquid gold, colostrum (coh-LOSS-trum) is the thick yellow first breast milk that you make during pregnancy and just after birth. This milk is very rich in nutrients and antibodies to protect your baby. Although your baby only gets a small amount of colostrum at each feeding, it matches the amount his or her tiny stomach can hold. Your breast milk changes as your baby grows – Colostrum changes into what is called mature milk. By the third to fifth day after birth, this mature breast milk has just the right amount of fat, sugar, water, and protein to help your baby continue to grow. It is a thinner type of milk than colostrum, but it provides all of the nutrients and antibodies your baby needs.

Breast milk fights disease – The cells, hormones, and antibodies in breast milk protect babies from illness. This protection is unique; formula cannot match the chemical makeup of human breast milk. In fact, among formula-fed babies, ear infections and diarrhea are more common. Formula-fed babies also have higher risks of:

  •  - Necrotizing enterocolitis, a disease that affects the gastrointestinal tract in preterm infants.
  •  - Lower respiratory infections
  •  - Asthma
  •  - Obesity
  •  - Type 2 diabetes

Some research shows that breastfeeding can also reduce the risk of Type 1 diabetes, childhood leukemia, and atopic dermatitis (a type of skin rash) in babies. Breastfeeding has also been shown to lower the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Mothers benefit from breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can feel great – Physical contact is important to newborns. It can help them feel more secure, warm, and comforted. Mothers can benefit from this closeness, as well. Breastfeeding requires a mother to take some quiet relaxed time to bond. The skin-to-skin contact can boost the mother’s oxytocin (OKS-ee-TOH-suhn) levels. Oxytocin is a hormone that helps milk flow and can calm the mother.

Breastfeeding can be good for the mother’s health, too – Breastfeeding is linked to a lower risk of these health problems in women:

  •  - Type 2 diabetes
  •  - Breast cancer
  •  - Ovarian cancer
  •  - Postpartum depression


Experts are still looking at the effects of breastfeeding on osteoporosis and weight loss after birth. Many studies have reported greater weight loss for breastfeeding mothers than for those who don’t. But more research is needed to understand if a strong link exists.

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